Hynek Fišera

Full-stack web developer and YouTube content creator also interested in UI/UX design and digital art

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Flairleap showcase
Social network
Flairleap logo
Social network which helps creators with presenting projects, building brands and reaching target audiences
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Swiftpass showcase
Web application
Swiftpass logo
Smart password generator which can generate not only strong, but also quick-to-enter passwords
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Acewill showcase
UX design
Acewill logo
I designed a prototype of the Acewill operating system distributed by Aprocle
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Garnet showcase
Logo design
Garnet logo
I designed a logo for the Garnet operating system
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Eryes showcase
Social media
Eryes logo
I created livestream overlays and social media posts for the Eryes league
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Nylium showcase
Nylium logo
I coded a website for the Nylium Survival minecraft server
VRCC logo
I developed a website for the VR Component Constructor project
YouTube channel
Arfi logo
The quickest and easiest way to learn web development online
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